Care Councils

The Participation and Engagement Service currently leads two groups:

  • Children in Care Council (CICC) – 13 - 16 years 
  • Care Leavers Council (CLC) – 16 years+ 

(Children under 13 years are consulted more informally, during socials on an as and when basis)

These groups are made up of young people who have all been in care. They have had different experiences and would like to make a change.

They meet at least once a month. They aim to make sure their views and ideas are listened to by those making decisions about them.

They are involved in projects that make a difference for young people who are looked after. It gives them the chance to meet new people and have their voice heard.

The CICC and CLC contribute to the recruitment, training and selection of professionals. They are also trained to inspect the different departments in Children’s Services.

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How can I get involved?

If you are interested in joining any of the care councils, email

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The Care Council’s aims and objectives

  • To be able to share our views, opinions and ideas to the Director of Children and Young People’s Department and the Lead Members at Wirral Council
  • To make sure the Care Councils are recognised by all departments, services and teams at Wirral Council and ensure that they are committed to listening to and resourcing them
  • Make sure all children in care and care leavers are listened to, and that they have a voice in the Care Councils
  • Have meetings with key people, which includes Head of Departments and Service Leads, who will work alongside the Care Councils when making decisions 
  • To meet with children in care and other care leavers to discuss their views and opinions, and to consider further actions to be taken when required
  • To make sure children in care and care leavers are consulted regarding information provided, including rights and entitlements
  • To promote investigation of any issues that are identified and report concerns to any appropriate committee of trusted members. All issues to be followed up and dealt with within a reasonable time, and updates to be provided when necessary
  • To be consulted and involved in both the review and the writing of the Children and Young People’s Plan