The benefits of being a member of our Care Councils

Being a member of our Care Council's is great

Here are some of the benefits shared by our young people:

help each other. share your views. express your feelings. help to make children's services better. build a good relationships with others. get extra help if you need it.  meet other young people who may be going through similar things. feel a part of something

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What our young people say:

The children in care council and care leaver council has multiple benefits to professionals, one of which being that if you need the thoughts and opinions of young people you can attend our meetings and ask us for them.Another benefit would be that who knows what young people need or want better than the young people, attending our meetings show to young people that we have a say in the decisions that impact our lives and that what we think does matter.As well as the above, you can promote your services as what you tell our young people they can pass on to other young people or you can inform people through the Right Side of Care website.