Our Shop @ Our Space


Simone White- Director of Children’s Services officially opened “Our Shop” @ Our Space on 1.12.22

“Our Shop” has been developed with the generous support of our friends and colleagues from the Neo Community and the Core Project- Birkenhead.

The shop will give the opportunity for Wirral Care experienced young people to purchase substantially discounted non- perishable food / store cupboard goods and Free Personal hygiene and household cleaning items.

There is a Free shelf that will stock personal hygiene items and seasonal gifts.

All food items will cost 10p each and household cleaning items @ 25p each, with an agreed amount that can be purchased weekly. (Max 15 items).

The aim of “Our Shop” is to assist our young people with budgeting and supporting them through the current cost of living crisis which aligns with the Leaving Care service Team business plan 2022/23.

It is hoped that the availability of “Our Shop” will greatly reduce the use of Food banks by Wirral Care Leavers and enable our young people to help budget and promote their independence.

We hope “Our Shop” will be viewed as a retail space by our Care Leavers and not a Charity.

Our Shop will be open on: -

Tuesdays- 1-3pm

Thursdays- 1-3pm

Fridays 1-3pm

And Thursday evenings 4-6 pm every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.

Ask your PA for more information or if you'd like to attend the shop

image of staff opening the shop]