Children Looked After at School

While at school, children looked after also are part of a virtual school.

What is Wirral Virtual School?

All children looked after by Wirral are part of Wirral Virtual School. This is a school that is not an actual building you can go to, it has all the normal support a school has. Children looked after are the students, while going to many other schools in Wirral.  It has a headteacher and educational progress officers (or EPOs) who help make sure you are getting the best out of school and have the support you need to do well. It is also called LACES (Looked After Children Educational Service).

What is a designated teacher?

Every school has a designated teacher. A designated teacher is someone who wants to listen to you, know you, help to get the best for you and is ALWAYS on your side, no matter what.

What is an educational progress officer (EPO)?

An educational progress officer works for the Virtual School. You may meet them at your planning or review meetings and they will speak to your designated teacher throughout the school year to see how you are doing. They look at how all children looked after are doing in schools and write reports on how well they are doing. This is another way of making sure that the right help is available.