What people say

What do young people say about having an Advocate?

‘My advocate has helped me get my point across to other people.  They are really helpful.’

‘The advocacy service is important because they listen to what you have to say and they make sure you feel ok.  They can help young people and speak about their feelings.  I know who to call if I’m upset.  My advocate is kind and helped me.’

‘The Barnardo’s advocacy service will support and listen to you.  They are nice and helpful.  I felt listened to.’

‘I feel more confident. I can speak for myself’

‘The advocate was kind, understanding and trust worthy and she helps with how you feel and if you need her to voice your opinion she does it very well.’

What do young people say about having an Independent Visitor?

"My IV is a backup for someone to talk to"

Visits are a "break from things"

"My IV has similar interests as me, we're both very competitive!"

"I want to be like my IV when I'm older because of her confidence"

What do Independent Visitors say about the support they give to young people?

"We laugh a lot during our visits"

"I will always cherish the wonderful memories that myself and my young person created on our visits"

"He put all his trust in me and he pushed himself to achieve, which was brilliant"

This is a video which was made by a young person and his IV  Joel and Steve