Transition to Adult Services

If you have hearing, disability or mental health issues, you may be able to get support when you leave care. The councils's Adult Services may have responsibilities to support you in adulthood.


We need to see what you will need to live independently. This includes developing your budgeting skills. There will be some tasks that enable you to achieve these skills. What you are entitled to is contained within Wirral’s financial policy, which you can ask to see.

Health needs

During this time of change it is important to remember to take care of yourself. This includes your health needs. We can give advice on helpful contacts.

Steps to follow

You can take these steps:

  1. Arrange a meeting with your Personal Advisor and other relevant people – you can do this! This is to talk about talk how we can help you with the steps you need to take.
  2. Ask for everyone who can help to get together again and discuss your plans
  3. Take an active part in your Pathway Plan. After all it is about the most important person – you!