Education, Training and Employment

When you leave school you will be encouraged to consider further or higher education and training.

The Propel website can help you find out more about going to college or university.

You will be supported up to the age of 21. If you continue in higher education you will be supported until you finish your course, or your 25th birthday.

If you start education or training after your 21st birthday you can ask Wirral Council for assistance with either financial or personal support up until you complete your course, or your 25th birthday.

You will continue to be supported at least until you reach the age of 25 if you are in higher education.

Support and contact

The Pathway Service will provide personal support to all young people who are moving on to independent living. It is a good idea to build up a file in which you keep useful names, numbers and addresses or other relevant information. We will help you plan your free time and help build up your social support.