Your health assessment

What is your health assessment?

This is your opportunity to speak to a doctor or nurse about your health. It can cover many things like:

  • healthy eating
  • relationships
  • keeping safe
  • your body
  • how you feel

It lasts about an hour and is about you and includes anything you may have on your mind.

Your health assessment

Your first health assessment will be done with a doctor. Further health assessments, which are called review health assessments, will be completed by your allocated health professional

Why do I need one?

You are important and we want to help you stay healthy and active so you can carry on doing the things you like to do for as long as you want to.

By having a health assessment we can make sure you are happy and healthy and find out what else we need to do to keep you that way, or make things better for you.

Consent for your health assessment

The doctor or nurse will ask you if you consent to have your health assessment.

Your social worker will ask your parents or an adult with parental responsibility to sign a form which says you can have a health assessment.

If you do not want to have a health assessment this is your choice and we can discuss this with you.

Where will your health assessment be?

Your first health assessment will be at:

St. Catherine’s Health Centre
Church Road
CH42 0LQ

You can choose where you have your review health assessment. Your nurse can arrange for you to have it:

  • in school
  • where you live
  • or in another suitable place.

Who is my health assessment shared with?

At the end of the health assessment your doctor or nurse will write a health care plan. This is a written record of what you have agreed can be done to keep healthy.

A copy of the health assessment will be sent to your social worker. You can ask to see your health assessment and what has been written about you. A copy of your health care plan will be sent to:

  • you ( if you are in year 7 and above)
  • your carer
  • your social worker
  • your GP (doctor)

Discussions are private and confidential. Your nurse or doctor will respect your wishes and which information you are happy to be shared with your social worker. 

However if the nurse or doctor is concerned that you are being harmed, your safety or the safety of someone else is at risk then they will have to share this with your social worker so you can get the support you need.