Looking after your health if you are in care

Children and young people looked after may have had major disruption in their lives. This can make it more difficult to look after their health.

How the council looks after the health of children in care

The council's 0-19 team includes people who will help look after your health. This includes  health visitors, school nurses, community health nurses and specialist nurses. Their job is to  try and make sure you are physically and emotionally fit and healthy.

They give health advice to young people, parents, carers and professionals.

Children and young people who are looked after will have a named health professional. They will make sure children are keeping up to date with important health care. This includes things like dental checks and immunisations.

Regular check-ups will identify any other health needs. They can put together a plan to keep you healthy. They can also put you in touch with any health services that you might need.

The named health professional will go to meetings about the child or young person. They will feed into the plan to keep them safe. They will also share information with the person leading the team looking after a child.

How to get health services

Children looked after and their carers can get health services by:



being referred by a professional

dropping in to a Health Child Clinic or  a Health and Wellbeing Hub

visiting Health Services in schools

Sexual Health

Sexual Health Wirral work with Brook Wirral. They offer a service for people aged 19 and under in Wirral. Walk-in clinics are available 6 days a week at Brook in Birkenhead. There are also weekly sessions in Wallasey and Eastham.

They offer STI screening, free condoms and support, help and advice. They also offer different types of contraception, including emergency contraception.  

The website has details of these clinics. You can also book appointments online for some clinic venues. You can get free STI test kits by post if you 16 or over.

There is also useful information about your sexual health and wellbeing.

Visit the Sexual Health Wirral website