Your Personal Education Plan (PEP)

What is a personal education plan (PEP)?

Your PEP is your plan of action for doing well at school. It has a record of your achievements and any targets. It will say how you will be supported to achieve your targets and any additional needs you may have. It will also include information about your attendance, and your views about your education.

What happens at my PEP meeting?

Your social worker will arrange your first PEP meeting with the designated teacher from your school. This will take place within 10 days of you becoming looked after. If you do not have a school at that time your social worker will work with you and other people including the Virtual School to make plans for your education so that the PEP can be written.

Your PEP will be looked at termly to check it is still up to date and the information is right, unless there are big changes. If there are any changes, such as if you need to move school there will be a meeting and your PEP will be updated to make sure it includes all the important information.

Who will be at my PEP meeting?

You should go to your PEP meeting, as it is your chance to let everyone know your views about your education and to celebrate what you have achieved. If you don’t want to go you can give your views to your social worker or designated teacher who will share them with the meeting.

Your designated teacher and social worker will be at your PEP meeting along with anyone else who can put some help into the plan. This could include people like your carer, who may be able to help with your homework, or a learning mentor, who could be someone you can talk to about any school issues.