Some of the content on this page is only suitable for Professionals and Carers.

Professionals and Carers

The Right Side of Care aims to provide Wirral's looked after children with a variety of information which they may want or need to know about. This includes a range of topics which include the process of being in care, the different types of care and the services available to them.

The site is run by Wirral Council, and has involved contributions from key partners, including the NHS, Wirral DAAT, Connexions, Police, Fire & Rescue Service and voluntary organisations. Young people on Wirral have helped decide the look and feel of the site, and processes are in place to allow them to continue to be involved in its ongoing development and future directions.

As parents and carers, you are responsible for ensuring that your children are safe at all times, and accept full responsibility for your children's safety and quality of experience when acting on any information contained within this site.

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