Review Meetings

Who will be at my review?

You can ask your IRO about leading the discussion at your own review. This means that you will be able to talk when you have something you want to say and ask people questions who are at the review.  

The people who will be at your review are:

  • You
  • Your social worker
  • Your foster carer or key worker
  • Usually your mum, dad or other relative.

Other people might be involved either by attending or by writing to the meeting. You will have your say in who should be invited.

How can I have my say?

Taking part in your review is one of the most important ways you can have your say. Your review should happen where you are most comfortable and feel most confident about speaking out. You can choose whether to go to all of the meeting or only a part of it.

Let your IRO know your views before the review. Your social worker can help you with this. There are lots of things you can do to make having your say easier. You can:

Fill out a review form (age 5-7)

Fill out a review form (age 8-12)

Fill out a review form (age 13+)

  • talk to the adults who care for you about your feelings
  • write things down

You can bring someone you trust or an advocate to your review.  Talk to your social worker before your review if you would like a trusted person with you to help you feel more confident about saying what you think.

What if I am nervous about saying something wrong?

Don’t worry about being nervous or saying the wrong thing, getting into trouble or upsetting your parents or carers when you are all in a meeting together.

Tell the IRO or an adult you trust before the meeting begins. The IRO will make sure that for that part of the meeting, your parents or carers are not there so you can speak honestly about how you feel. It’s very important that you do this.

There are people who can sort out whatever is making you worried or unhappy, as long as you let them know!

What happens after the meeting?

Speak to the IRO or your social worker to make sure you have completely understood what has been decided and what is going to happen. They will help you complete your own record of the review.

The IRO will write a report about the meeting which will be sent to you and everyone who has taken part. It will say what has been decided and what people are going to do.

You have a right to be heard!