Your Review

What is a review?

They are regular meetings where you and the people who know you best, get together to talk about how things are going for you. A review is the place to look at what is going well in your day-to-day life as well as plans for your future. The plan for your future is called your care plan.

What is an independent reviewing officer (IRO)?

Independent reviewing officers are the people who chair reviews for children who are looked after or in care. They have an important role in deciding with you what happens in your future. They are independent so that they can listen to your views about how things are and look at the quality of care and support you receive.

Do I have to go to my review meeting?

By attending your review meeting you can let everyone know how you are getting on and share your thoughts.

Before the meeting, your independent reviewing officer (IRO) will ask to speak to you to find out:

  • How you are feeling about your care
  • If you are happy with your care plan
  • Your thoughts, wishes and feelings

Fill out a review form (age 5-7)

Fill out a review form (age 8-12)

Fill out a review form (age 13+)