Your Care Plan

What is my care plan?

Every young person in care must have a care plan. This will say what needs to be done to care for you and who should do it. It is important that you say if you don’t agree with your care plan.

If you disagree with your plan you should speak to:

  • your carer
  • your social worker
  • your advocate
  • the Participation and Engagement team
  • your IRO

The plan will explain things like:

  • why you are being cared for
  • if there is a care order put in place for you
  • who will keep in touch with school
  • who will take you to the doctors if you are ill
  • who you should continue to see for example family and friends
  • who will help you if you have difficulties
  • how long you will be cared for
  • Other people, who know you, like teachers or health visitors, will also help to make the plan. This will be written down and you will be given a copy.

We want to make the best plan for you.

After your care plan is drawn up we will have a meeting to check you understand your plan and are happy with it. This is called a review meeting.