Care Councils (CICC & CLC's)

The Children in Care Council (CICC) and Care Leavers Councils (CLC and CLC21+) are groups of young people who have all been in care, who have had different experiences and would like to change things for the better.

What do the CICC and CLC's do?

The CICC and CLC's are always looking for new members. We meet at least once a month to make sure your views and ideas are listened to by those making decisions about you.

We are involved in lots of interesting projects that make a difference for young people who are looked after. It could give you the chance to meet new people and have your voice heard.

The CICC and CLC's also contribute to recruitment, training and selection of professionals in areas that affect you. All children looked after are consulted about these big decisions.

Come to a meeting to speak to the CICC or CLC and find out more.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in joining any of the care councils, please click on purple box below:

Join the Children in Care Council

  • E-mail:
  • Call: 07785 975 927

The Children in Care Council’s Aims and Objectives

  • To be able to put our views and ideas of all our work from the CICC across to the Director of Children and Young People’s Department and the Lead Member
  • To make sure the CICC is recognised by all agencies and that the agencies are committed to listening to and resourcing the CICC
  • To make sure all children looked after are listened to and are able to give their views through the CICC
  • To meet with key people who make decisions to work together to resolve any issues that involve children looked after
  • To meet with children looked after to discuss what their views are and what actions / outcomes they would like to be taken
  • To make sure children looked after are consulted in regard to information that is provided to them
  • To investigate when children looked after have identified concerns and report their concerns to any appropriate committee of trusted members
  • To be consulted and involved in both the review and the writing of the Children and Young People’s Plan