How is my adoptive family chosen?

Finding the right family for you

Here in Wirral it is very important to us that we find a family for you that are able to meet your needs. We will always try to place you with adoptive parents who are similar to your ethnic and cultural background. Deciding on the right family should take about 6 months but this can sometimes take longer.

This means you will be with a family that speaks the same language and shares the same religious celebrations. Your new family may live in the Wirral area but could also live in another part of the country. When a new family has been chosen, we will start ‘introductions meetings’. This gives you an opportunity to get to know them and ask them questions. You will be shown photographs and maybe a video of their house and family.

Your new family will visit you at your foster carer’s house and then, when everyone feels that you are ready, you will visit their house. These visits will take a few weeks and then, if everybody is happy, you will move into your new home.

What about my birth family?

Sometimes it may be possible to keep in touch with your birth family but sometimes it may not. Your social worker will help you sort out your feelings about seeing your birth family and whether it is good for you to do so. Even when it’s not possible for face to face contact, you may be able to write a letter or send a photograph to them.