Wirral Fostering Service aim

Our aim is to make sure you are well looked after. We think this means:

  • Keeping you healthy
  • Keeping you safe
  • Helping you with school
  • Letting you have fun and enjoying being you
  • Making new friends
  • Staying in touch with people you care about
  • Asking what you think – and listening to you
  • Helping you stay out of trouble

We will do this by:

  • Finding the best foster carers for you
  • Checking foster carers are suitable to look after children
  • Supervising your foster carer and giving them advice and training
  • Working with you, your social worker and your family to make decisions about your future

We want you to tell us how we can do this better. We hope you will contact us if you want to. Use the phone numbers at the end of this leaflet if you want to call us.