What will it be like living my foster carers?

They will make you feel like part of their family as long as you live with them. Your foster carer will make sure that you:

  • have your own bed to sleep in
  • have somewhere to keep your belongings safe
  • have enough food to eat, which is appropriate for your culture or religion
  • have clean clothes to wear
  • can go to see a doctor if you are poorly
  • can go to church or other place of worship if you want to
  • receive pocket money
  • are supported to you do things you enjoy and are important to you.

What do I call my foster carers?

This is something you can talk about with your foster carers. They know that it can feel strange living with new people. They won’t expect you to call them mum and dad, but you can decide with them what works best.

When can I see my family again?

This is a very important question but the answer is not the same for everyone. Your social worker will talk to you and your family about arrangements for you to see them. Your foster carers will help with this as much as they can.