Our first P and E newsletter!

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Welcome to the first Participation and Engagement newsletter! Starting this week, we will be publishing news and timetable of events on offer at Our Space from the P&E team, the Leaving Care team, and the 14-19 team.

One of our Independent Reviewing Officers Jamie Mackie completed 2 marathons in under 6 hours to raise funds for our Care Leavers!  Jamie ran the Berlin marathon in 2 hours 38 minutes and the London marathon in 2 hours 48 minutes.  So far Jamie has raised £1,231! Visit our website www.therightsideofcare.com to read the full article and for the link to donate.  Well done Jamie!

Our website and Instagram

Did you know we have an Instagram as well as our website? Here we post updates about the sessions we are offering, as well as sharing details to fun days out, learning opportunities, and many more sessions held by other groups that our young people may enjoy.

Follow us @therightsideofcare to keep up to date!