IRO Jamie Mackie raises funds for Care Leavers in 2 back-to-back marathons!

Jamie finishing the marathon

Jamie Mackie is an Independent Reviewing Officer here at Wirral Council, and he decided to raise money for Wirral’s Care Leavers by running 2 marathons in under 6 hours!  Jamie’s experience in succeeding in doing this was amazing, with Jamie sharing that it couldn’t have gone any better.

Jamie completed his first marathon in Berlin on the 25th of September, in 2 hours 38 minutes.  Then, just a week later he completed the London marathon in 2 hours 48 minutes.  These incredible times meant he had beaten his target by just over half an hour!  At the London marathon, Jamie’s family gave him a well needed boost, coming to watch and cheer him along from the side-lines.

The 2 marathons are Jamie's 4th and 5th marathons he has competed in, and he has previously raised money for Care Leavers.  Jamie’s motivation in fundraising for our Care Leavers is his pleasure in being able to provide extra activities and sessions for the enjoyment of the care leavers, as they can get so much out of these. The funds raised have so far funded a theatre trip for our young people, with more activities planned around our Care Leavers’ interests and requests.

Jamie was overwhelmed with the incredible response from colleagues, whose donations doubled his fundraising target.  The current total is £1,231 and is still open to donations.

Next year Jamie plans to run the London marathon and has his sights set on running in one of the big American marathons like Chicago or New York.

Well done Jamie and thank you for choosing our Care Leavers for your fundraising!

If you haven’t already made a donation and would like to, the fundraising site is still open.

Jamie recieving an award

Jamie received a thank you award from our young people for his fundraising, at the opening of our Care Leavers' week.