Carers and Homes survey

We have put together a questionnaire so we can understand your thoughts on carers and homes.

This will be used by the Corporate Parenting Board, when they are making decisions at their next meeting.

Image of a meeting

What is a corporate parent?

The local authority and partners have must treat all the children that come into our care as if they are our own – this is what makes a corporate parent.

We aim to support young people using seven principles that we focus on each meeting.

We also want to build a positive culture where everyone from the Chief Executive to front line staff, as well as elected members, are concerned about children as if they were their own.


Over the next few months, we will be focussing on a different area of your lives, to find out how you think we are doing, and what we can do better.


The first questionnaire is about Carers and Homes.


Please fill out our questionnaire here to influence the decisions made by your Corporate Parents.