Lucy's Care Leavers' Council blog

Meet Lucy from our Care Leaver's Council

I was in the Children in Care Council originally, about two years ago, but life just got really busy and I couldn’t attend for a while. My friend who I’d gone to the meetings with always encouraged me to come back, so I joined the Care Leavers’ Council towards the end of last year.

I’ve been to nearly every meeting since! I’ve done so much during my time in the Council, including the Care Leavers’ Conference – where I helped to put together a handout for staff and young people, and helped to organise the discussions around our table on the day. I’ve also been involved with interviewing new staff, which I found quite daunting at first but took it in my stride J Just this week we are meeting the Chief Executive to ask him some questions about the service received by children looked after and care leavers. We all met last night actually to put the questions together, and I suggested asking why some young people get bus passes and some do not.

I really enjoyed the conference in particular, and I think that all my experiences in the Care Leavers’ Council have helped me to grow in confidence. It’s been really good to get out and about and see people – I have a young son and it’s nice to have my own space too. Because I know he’s safe and being looked after I don’t need to worry about him while I’m at meetings. I’ve learned a lot about Children’s Services and the Participation and Engagement Team, and how important they are.

In future I’d like to get more involved with the Fostering Panel. Before I got involved with the Care Leavers’ Council I wasn’t as open to speaking to people on the phone and getting involved, but now I really want to learn more and use my skills to help.

To anyone thinking of joining – I’d say it’s always worth a try! If you decide you don’t like it, you don’t need to come back, but if you do like it – great. We’re a friendly group and we all get on, so you would be very welcome.

We hope to see you soon!