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Meet our volunteer

Wed, 11 May 2016

Sixteen-year-old Julie-anne Harris has been volunteering with us one day per-week at Moreton Family Centre since December 2015. During that time Julie-anne has been a really useful member of our team, providing research and a whole host of office support. She has been doing all of this alongside studying for her GCSEs.

We thought we’d give a quick run-through of what Julie-anne has been doing while she’s been at our office:

Copywriting: Julie-anne has been involved in re-writing copy around Special Guardianship Orders to make the content more relevant to young people.

Research: Her research skills have been really useful – from finding out about bus routes to and from our locality offices to help young people on the website, to researching marketing leaflets around child protection conferences.

Marketing: Julie-anne has created a logo for use within our service, and chose merchandising products that the Inclusion team can give to young people.

Website work: Julie-anne has had a number of ideas for The Right Side of Care website, finding out about ways we can make the site more secure and private for young people. She has also been involved in the use of website navigation tools to check that the site’s menu is easy to use. As well as this, we’ve also taken on-board her feedback in the development of the new Teenwirral website.

Powerpoint: Using her Powerpoint and Office skills, Julie-anne has created a slideshow for the Fostering and Inclusion teams.

CICC meetings: Julie-anne has attended a number of Children in Care Council (CICC) meetings, supporting the Inclusion team and helping to develop the ideas and feedback from young people on the CICC panel.

Julie-anne says:

“I love it here, it’s helped to build up my confidence and made me look forward to the future. I’ve always wanted to be in the workplace, and it’s been an eye opener for me. I’ve also enjoyed attending staff meetings to see how the team works together.”

Julie-anne – thanks for all of your brilliant support so far, and good luck with your exams!