June Care Council

10 June 2024

This month's Care Council for children in care and care leavers aged 14 years+ will be taking place on Wednesday 26 June, 5pm start at Our Space.  

Food will be provided beforehand (4.30pm-5pm).

This month we will be joined by: 

  • Anthony Kirk, Interim Assistant Director Children’s Services
  • Kathy Gill, Head of Service Contextual Safeguarding
  • Mark Newman, Operation Manager Targeted Youth Services 
  • Mark Evans,  Service Manager Youth Offending

They would like to consult with you about the Youth Offer and Youth Justice Plan.

Youth Offer 

LA Youth Services play a vital role in engaging with partners and young people to ensure their voices are heard in shaping the youth offer. By collaborating with community organisations, schools, and youth groups, LA Youth Services can gather insights into the diverse needs and interests of young people. This partnership approach allows for the co-creation of programs and services that are in line with what young people want. It also aids with establishing channels for direct communication with young people through forums, surveys, and consultations that empowers them to express their opinions and contribute ideas. This enables LA Youth Services to develop a youth offer that is responsive, relevant, and reflective of the aspirations and priorities of the youth people they serve.

Youth Justice Plan 

Every year we have to undertake a Youth Justice Plan. Part of the planning is that we engage with young people to ask their views and opinions on what we are hoping to achieve. We also like to get their thoughts on what they would like to see from us if they are involved in the Criminal Justice System or at risk. We want to make it a plan that is Child and Young Person focused, so asking the care council their thoughts on what we have written so far and what they think would be a good idea to add in would be really valued.

You matter and your views are important.  

For your hours work (5pm-6pm) you will receive a £20 Amazon voucher as payment.

We look forward to you joining us!