Extra Help in School

Your school will get money to help every looked after child in your school. It may not be spent specifically on you, but you can ask about how it is spent.

If you or someone like your social worker or designated teacher think extra money could help you to do well in school, you may be able to get a Personal Education Allowance.

What is a Personal Education Allowance (PEA)?

You can apply for this each school year. This is money that can be spent helping you to learn new things such as sports or music lessons, extra help in school or to pay for school trips.

How do I get it?

Talk to your social worker or designated teacher about what would help you the most. They will give in an application to a panel of people who will decide if you can have the money, and if it is agreed, your social worker or school will let you know.

What about when I start college or training?

After Year 11, a bursary is available and your school or college will discuss with you how this should be spent. A bursary is money to help you study and can be spent on things you will need such as books and stationery and transport to get there.

If you are looking at higher education such as university, there is extra money available to help you.

You can ask your social worker for information to find out what help you could be entitled to.